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How to Create Quality Control Plan for Business Part 1 of 4 (opens new tab/page)

How to Create Quality Control Plan for Business Part 1 of 4 - click/tap to open new tab/page
How to Start Creating Your Quality Control Plan for Business

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We're here to support your quality control program with our full attention and we know our compliance templates and experience will enable you to quickly and efficiently complete your quality improvement project to proceed with the next action item on your list.

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An effective quality control program defines the quality management system and the policy, objectives, organization, responsibilities and procedures used to ensure the effective planning, operation and control of processes that affect the quality, reliability and safety of products and services.

The quality program ensures that Customers and regulatory authorities have access to supporting documentation.

An efficient quality management system ensures Company personnel have access to system documentation and are aware of relevant quality control procedures.

Measuring and monitoring of quality management is expected to increase the effectiveness of quality and satisfy business needs.

Information from the analysis of quality system records is included in on-going planning at appropriate intervals during each calendar year to ensure that processes achieve planned results. Records of quality activities are maintained by the quality management system.

Featured Compliance Template:

The Enhanced MIL-I-45208 kit, $197 is very useful when your Customers need more than MIL-I-45208 and your Company wants "Less than ISO 9001™". The MIL-I-45208 inspection system is still the most popular quality control program on the planet because many businesses feel the same way about ISO 9001 as they do about the metric measuring system?

Any Company that can "get away" with using MIL-I-45208 has a significant advantage over competitors that must add dollars to their proposals to cover the costs of their certified or compliant quality system. Today, your old MIL-I inspection system doesn't do enough for 21st century Customers but there are still many Customers that accept it with a little enhancement, which we call "Less than ISO 9001™".

Tim Tracy from KMA Corp. wrote:

Thank you very much. The enhanced MIL-I-45208 kit is exactly what we were looking for! The ISO 9001 kit is too involved for our small company and the ASA-100 kit has too many requirements that are not applicable to our business operation. The enhanced MIL-I-45208 quality system is JUST RIGHT!

It was great talking with you and I really appreciate the knowledge you shared with me!


Standard MIL-I-45208 Kit

Click here for insight to performing a first article inspection.

Bare Minimum ISO 9001 Kit (for businesses that don't want any more documents than necessary for compliance to ISO 9001).

Quality Plan Starter Kits. This kit is more generic with shorter summary of best practices.

Enhanced Quality Program - we added a few procedures to keep 21st century Customers happy.

Typical Expenses for QMS Registration

Changes in ISO 9001:2008

Changes in AS9100C

Changes in AS9003

At-PQC™ is an "open-book" website where you can research the entire content of all demonstration documents and software program, which means you will never take a chance with our products and guarantees you will make a well-informed decision about the right quality control program for your project.

Tailor compliance templates to display your business name and logo in your MS Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or compatible cloud software program.

Demo documents are WYSIWYG, which means what you see in our PDF evaluation documents is precisely what you receive in editable MS Word format and we don't impose invasive DRM User-limitations.

Please feel free to use documents for your quality management system according to license terms and conditions. Documents can be downloaded immediately upon completion of an online transaction or selections can be delivered by email upon receipt of your purchase order at our fax number 719-573-4205.

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ISO 10005 Program, $47

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The ISO 10005 compliant program helps define practices, resources and activities that are applicable to any project.

The program is a standalone document. Use references to procedures as placeholders for your Company's existing procedures.

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The Kit contains all documents listed below.

Production and Inspection Test Plan (in download)

Practical ISO 10005 Program, $47

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Kit compliant with ISO 10005, $177

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Does your project need the procedures that are referenced in the above ISO 10005 compliant standalone program? Does your Company need a few more procedures to define its practices, resources and activities? Did a Customer surprise you with a requirement to submit a plan according to ISO 10005 but your Company doesn't have many documented procedures?

Browse the following demo documents in the "Less than ISO 9001™" program kit that is compliant with ISO 10005 to make an informed decision for your project.

Browse Demo ISO 10005 Kit with the following Username and Password: logo

The Kit contains all documents listed below.

Quality Plan
Configuration Management
Change Order
Control of Nonconformances Procedure
Nonconformance Report Form
Corrective and Preventive Action Procedure
Corrective Action Request
Design and Development Procedure
Document Control Procedure
Internal Auditing Procedure
Internal Audit Report
Management Procedure
Management Meeting Report
Purchasing Procedure
Purchase Order Form
Production Procedure
Procedure Template
Work Instruction Template
Training Certificate
Training Log
Training Matrix
Training Orientation Request Form
Production and Inspection Test Record
Proposal Development and Contract Review Procedure
Contract Review Form
Receiving Procedure
Receiving Inspection Instructions
Receiving Log
Records Control Procedure
Validation and Verification Record

ISO 10005 Quality Plan Kit, $177

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Starter AS9003 Quality System Kit, $127

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Inspection and test quality control system supports Nadcap certification programs and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 46.

Kit is up-to-date with AS9003A dated 7-31-2012. Kit contains manual, conformance checklist, management planning and employee orientation tools.

Browse Demo AS9003A Starter Kit with the following Username and Password: logo

The Kit contains all documents listed below.

Quality Manual
Action Item
Action Plan
Impact Analysis
Internal Audit Schedule
Internal Auditor Training (slides in download)
Introduction to QMS (in download)
Management Process
Management Meeting Report
Process Orientation Checklist
QMS System Overview
Metrics (value-added)

Compliance to the standard supports certification to Nadcap requirements (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program).

Starter AS9003 Quality System Kit, $127

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Consider purchasing the SAE sponsored document to support your project: SAE - AS9003A

AS9003 Kit for Inspection and Test Quality Control System, $297, comprehensive kit supports NADCAP certification program and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 46.

Changes in AS9003

AS9100 Quality System for Aviation, Space and Defense

AS9100 Quality System Starter Kit, $197

AS9102 First Article Inspection Procedure, $97

AS9110B Kit to implement the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Quality Standard

AS9120A for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributor (formerly Stockist Distributor)

Click here to browse more products or call to quickly find the right templates for your quality control program improvement project: 719-649-4242.

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At-PQC™ shares a commitment and passion to continuously improve. Our most sincere desire is to make a significant and positive difference in the lives of practitioners and business leaders that are responsible for the success of their business. At-PQC™ is committed to providing the highest possible level of technical documents for the support of quality improvement projects. We believe in the unlimited potential for continuous improvement and we're prepared to support any improvement project that you can imagine - welcome to At-PQC™.

Insight to performing first article inspection FAI:

Characteristic Accountability

The Company shall verify and record the results of every design characteristic during first article inspection ( FAI ). Every design characteristic shall have its own unique characteristic number.

NOTE: Reference characteristics may be omitted from the first article inspection FAI.

NOTE: Use more than one line if needed for any characteristic.

NOTE: Characteristics not measurable in the final product shall be verified by destructive means or during the manufacturing process (as long as they are not affected by subsequent operations). Characteristics verified at the detail level may be referenced in the assembly-level first article inspection report (FAIR).

Record of Results

Results from inspection of design characteristics shall be expressed in quantitative terms when a design characteristic is expressed by numerical limits. The Company shall record the results in the units specified on the drawing or specification unless otherwise approved by the Customer. Go/no-go data may be used when the design characteristic does not specify numerical limits (e.g., break all sharp edges) or an inspection technique is unavailable to provide quantitative terms. Go/no-go data may also be used when qualified tooling is used as a check feature for a specific characteristic.

First Article Inspection Procedure Template

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