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An effective quality control program defines the business policy, objectives, organization, responsibilities and procedures used to ensure the efficient planning, operation and control of processes that affect the quality, reliability and safety of products and services.

The quality control program for business improvement project ensures that Customers and regulatory authorities have access to supporting documentation.

An efficient quality control program ensures Company personnel have access to system documentation and are aware of relevant quality management procedures.

Measuring and monitoring of the quality control program will increase the effectiveness of the management system.

Information from the analysis of quality control program records at appropriate intervals during each calendar year ensures that processes achieve planned results. Records of quality control program activities are maintained by the quality management system.

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How to Create Quality Control Plan for Business Part 1 of 4 (opens new tab/page)

How to Create Quality Control Plan for Business Part 1 of 4 - click/tap to open new tab/page
How to Start Creating Your Quality Control Plan for Business

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Featured Quality Control Program Compliance Template:

The Enhanced MIL-I-45208 kit, $197 is very useful when your Customers need more than MIL-I-45208 and your Company wants "Less than ISO 9001™". The MIL-I-45208 inspection system is still the most popular quality control program on the planet.

Tim Tracy from KMA Corp. wrote:

Thank you very much. The enhanced MIL-I-45208 package is exactly what we were looking for! The ISO 9001 package is too involved for our small company and the ASA-100 package has too many requirements that are not applicable to our business operation. The enhanced MIL-I-45208 quality system is the perfect fit!

It was great talking with you and I really appreciate the knowledge you shared with me!


AS9003 for Inspection and Test Quality Control System

Changes in AS9003

AS9100 Quality System for Aviation, Space and Defense

AS9100 Quality System Starter Kit

AS9102 First Article Inspection Procedure

AS9110B to implement the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Quality Standard

AS9120A for Aviation, Space and Defense Distributor (formerly Stockist Distributor)

Bare Minimum ISO 9001 Kit

Enhanced Quality Program

MIL-I-45208, Standard Kit

Quality Plan Starter

Typical Expenses for QMS Registration

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